Biedermeier Furniture

Any work in music, literature and furniture during the period of 1815 and 1848 throughout the Northern Europe is known as Biedermeier. Biedermeier furniture designs were inspired by the furniture designs of Germany during this period. This style of furniture was famous in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary and the Baltic states. Many of this Biedermeier furniture were made by modest craftsmen and remain dateless.

Biedermeier Furniture history dates back to the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. Europe ended up in a period of peace after his defeat. The middle class people preferred to have furniture with simple style instead of the pompous ones. This style was later called as Biedermeier. Josef Dannhauser was one of the most famous Biedermeier furniture makers from his factory in Vienna during this period.

There are many books published after complete research on Antique Biedermeier Furniture and give the history, facts and details of the Authentic Biedermeier Furniture. One can search for the Antique Biedermeier Furniture in the web and find these books. Authentic Biedermeier furniture is spotted out by their Decorative Characteristics and from the wood they are made. They are mainly made of fruit woods as the rare woods were scarce because of the wars in that period.

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